Love Thy Yoni

“When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily”

– Gautama Buddha

I love my Yoni

I am in love with my Yoni

I treat my Yoni with respect

I care for my Yoni

Only the best for my Yoni

It has been a process and journey to reach the place where I can confidently say that I know and understand my Yoni like never before. Like a lot of women, it took trauma and mismanagement for me to start taking my Yoni health seriously. I suffered with pH imbalances, vaginal pain and discomfort, BV (bacterial vaginosis) and STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) throughout different times in my life and finally decided to stop the fuckery and take care of my vagina. I realized that I wasn’t making my vaginal health a priority and if I didn’t, then who would??

I’ve always made sure I had my regular doctor checkups and pap smears, but I wasn’t doing anything proactive to make things better, I just kinda resigned that all women have issues with their Yoni, and I wasn’t an exception. But about 3 years ago, I suffered from a UTI (urinary tract infection) which with my negligence I let progress into a kidney infection and in the middle of heat wave in August, I had a fever of 107, was in the most excruciating pain I have never felt (including childbirth) and when I walked into the hospital wearing layers of clothing AND a hoodie, I had the nurse ask me how in the world I was still standing (much less walking) and that I should have passed out from the severe infection and dangerously high fever .To be honest, I probably wouldn’t even have gone to the hospital that day, if weren’t for my family forcing me and the look of fear on my child’s face as he witnessed me in such debilitating pain. After the IV’s and then eventually being discharged, it took me over a week to recover, to finally feel like myself again.

I then made a conscious decision to get to know my body and my Yoni intimately and with intention. I started taking note of any changes in my vaginal discharge, subtleties in scent, taste and feel, and the sensations I experienced during sexual intercourse. I started listening to my Yoni and how she responded to different external sources such as soaps, the fabrics of my underwear, sperm, my intake of water and the type of pads I used. I was finally learning to love my Yoni and treat her with respect and adoration.

As I go down this path of Yoni discovery and self love, I encourage others to do the same. Too many of us suffer in silence, because we are ashamed and scared to begin to have these difficult conversations about vaginal health with our mothers, our sisters, our friends… You DON’T have to endure through pain, shame and discomfort. You CAN get rid of BV and pH imbalances naturally. You CAN feel confident about your Yoni inside and out. So many women are worried and concerned about the tightness and feel of their Yonis (much for the benefit of their partners) but if she isn’t healthy, all that doesn’t even matter.  Your Yoni is very much like a beautiful blossoming flower, when you water it and get rid of all the dead leaves and provide it with some TLC, that flower blooms and reaches its fullest peak and its entire glorious splendour. Nurture and love your Yoni (flower).  A healthy Yoni is a happy Yoni.



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