Queen Of The Pack

You can do it, put your back into it..

– Ice Cube

It’s time to take control, take charge, and snatch his soul Honey! I believe that it’s a powerful thing to own your sexual prowess and truly embrace your sexual strength. Every woman has sexual strengths that can be harnessed and further developed to help her achieve the greatest climatic experience. I am going to break down some of the most common sexual positions and highlight some helpful tips that can take your sex game up a few notches…

Missionary – Man On Top

  •  As your partner penetrates your Yoni, wrap your legs around their ankles for additional stability and move your hips and butt in tandem with his strokes.
  • Using your arms to hold up your legs, spread them wide and bring them closer to your face to create a deeper penetrative stroke.
  • Introduce a small vibrator to stimulate the clitoris such as a bullet vibe or penis ring to create additional pleasure and sensation.
  • Add a pillow or cushion under your butt for deeper penetration, this position creates a more shallow vaginal canal, increasing stimulation of the nerve endings near the opening of the Yoni.

Cowgirl Position – Woman On Top

  • If facing forward, lean back, holding on to your partners thighs as stabilizers to move your hips in circular motions, up and down and all around.
  • Place hands on your partner’s chest, lean in closer to their chest and roll your hips to create greater friction and contact with your clitoris.
  • Imagine your favourite sexy time song and move your body to the rhythm and beat of that song. (Or just play that song and dance along to it, while maintaining contact with the penis)
  • Caress your breasts, neck, hip, face (pretty much everywhere) tease and lick your nipples and use your fingers or a small vibrator to stimulate the clitoris.
  • If facing backward (reverse cowgirl), having your partner sit upright on a couch, chair or the edge of the bed, can allow you to have a greater range of movement. (Putting your feet firmly on the floor can help with stability and fatigue)

Doggy Style – Man Behind Woman

  • Arch your back, (and then arch it some more) bring your upper body as close to the bed as possible and raise your lower body to meet each stroke. (Face down, Ass up)
  • Rub your clitoris in a circular motion for added pleasure and stimulation.
  • Use your hands to spread your butt checks apart, stimulating all the nerve endings near the vaginal opening and the anus.
  • Reach between your partners legs to gently pull, rub or stroke your partners testicles.
  • Lying flat on your stomach, with your legs closer together, creates a more tighter vaginal opening and a more shallow (shorter) vaginal canal.

In any position, you can take control and be a very active participant to the sexual experience. There is more than enough pleasure within a sexual encounter for both parties to leave satisfied and happy, but you gotta put in some work too Ladies. Your pleasure is your responsibility, take pride in your sexual strengths and always strive to do better than the last time. I prioritize my pleasure and take the time to understand what I like, what feels good and how I can improve to be a more fierce and fabulous lover. Listen ladies… Ice Cube ain’t never lied.. YOU can do it… just put your back into it.

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