Make Love To My Mind

   “Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.” – Deepak Chopra 

Anticipation is everything! Mental stimulation is so very important to the overall sexual experience and a great way to keep the fires burning. The brain is the body’s entry point for sexual response and desire, and everyone is stimulated differently, but it starts in the brain first. If we see an attractive person, our eyes send a message to our brains, which communicates a favourable response, which in turn fires off indicators of sexual and romantic desire. When a woman feels desired, safe and supported, that can open her floodgates of sensuality and warrant for more openness and liberation in her sexuality. I love a play-by-play detailed description of what you want to do to me and how my body makes you feel…. Explain how much my sexiness sets you on fire, let me feel that you are thirsty for my nectar.

Most couples report that some type of sexual and romantic communication throughout their day help to foster a greater connection and bond, allowing them to be more open and honest with desires and fantasies. The best sex is always with someone who you have an intense connection with, and that connection is created in the mind first. Send a naughty text, leave a love note in their lunch bag, shoot a quick clip of your most sensual sides… it’s an amazing feeling to want and to be wanted. Creating a space to be open and candid about your fears, needs and desires will manifest a strong bond, thus leaving a woman the opportunity to release any hurts and traumas.

Our yonis are like beautiful delicate flowers, when cared for and cherished, they will bloom and blossom, but when left neglected and shamed, our yonis wither and cower. The Yoni is the epic centre for our life source, and is so connected to our mind and feelings. When a woman is mentally stimulated, her yoni usually follows.

Had a guy recently remind me that men are optically stimulated (as a clever way of asking for nudes lol…) but it got me thinking about how and what stimulates women. A majority of women need to be first stimulated through affirmations, adoration and understanding. I think the sexiest thing man can do… is to allow me the space to be heard. It’s a special kind of vulnerability to really hear and understand a woman and that a surefire way to get the river of sensuality flowing. We all crave a deeper connection, so we can explore the depths of our sexuality. Stroke her mind before you stroke her body…believe me the possibilities are endless.

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