The Journey Begins


Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise? That I dance like I’ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs? – Maya Angelou

    Loving yourself authentically is often difficult because you will have to face some powerful and perhaps frightening truths about yourself. The traumas and hurt you have been carrying and dragging can seem daunting to deal with. The journey to self awareness and a deep introspective thought process is an exciting whirlwind of emotions and can be so very rewarding. As women, it can be a battle to honour ourselves, while seemingly having to honour everyone else. How do we balance the two? How can we love ourselves organically without feeling selfish or even worse to be shamed for standing our light and prowess as a supreme female being? My advice would be to release the pain and forgive yourself first, honestly and truly forgive YOURSELF FIRST. We are all flawed and imperfect human beings who have the capacity to hurt and be hurt, to love and be loved. Let it go Sis… breathe… cry…scream.. but let it go… *deep sigh*

   By no mistake, we were given the centre of life.. the essence of our being.. the Yoni. This magnificent wonder that can bring forth life, and harness tremendous amounts of pleasure, if we get in touch with her (literally and figuratively).

I used to have a love/hate relationship with my yoni, I love that I am able to derive so much pleasure from my yoni, but I hated the fact that I felt it at times controlled my decisions in relationships, love and self worth. But I now realize, that it was a lack of self development and self awareness that had me making all sorts of negative choices. I believe that society teaches women to sacrifice our sexuality or that we should leave our sexual satisfaction on the back burner. My sexual “worth” was and is to be determined by how satisfied my man was… If he’s happy in the bedroom, then that’s all we should be concerned about…. I say Eff that! My yoni is special, sacred and fucking amazing, and if a man has the opportunity to be close to her, then he better be thankful for that blessing.

Through it all, we do have an innate strength and resilience to overcome all of life’s challenges and obstacles. We have the power to reign supreme and control our own destinies and sexuality. Never forget YOU are a diamond and you have diamonds at the meeting of your thighs.



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